About Us

Lapharcon is specialized in the coordination of worldwide Continuing Medical Education (CME) events: our services are targeted for the pharmaceutical Industry.

This company was founded in July 2006 and based in the US; since then, we have worked with top companies in the pharmaceutical field worldwide and building its experience in the market.

We rely on a group of Professionals in the United States, Mexico, and Colombia with experience in the following areas: Medical, Commercial, Project management, Marketing, and a wide portfolio that has grown based on the needs of our clients.

All transactions and relationships with our clients are conducted with ethics, honesty, responsibility, passion, respect, and professionalism. We guarantee strict confidentiality of the information provided to us, always within the legal frame of each of the countries in which our services are provided.

Value Promise

Our value proposition consists

  • Maximization of our customers investment and time.
  • Guarantee the fulfillment of academic and strategic objectives.
  • Real value generation for our customers within their business strategy.
  • Assignment of a unique contact within the company (Project Manager) for the performance of each event.
  • Detailed follow-up and control in each phase of the project.
  • Quick and accurate response to our clients’ requirements.
  • Professional Representation of our clients’ Executives before Opinion Leaders.
  • Generation of a high degree of satisfaction with Opinion Leaders and Prescribers who participate in the different medical education events.

Strengths and Differentiators

Through our history in the Medical Education field, Lapharcon’s approach has allowed the acquisition of skills and strengths that translate into benefits and trust for their customers:

Lapharcon is a Pioneer in this field.

Project development experience in different countries and continents, with diverse languages and cultures.

Development of strategic alliances with different business partners: Production (live/virtual), Materials design, Web page development, E-learning programs.

Our work is recognized by main Opinion Leaders in different medical specialties, allowing the development of valuable relationships.

Over 15 years of experience in the medical education field.

Design and execution of projects based on the needs of our clients.

Specialized professionals in different countries and areas: Medicine, Project, Management, Marketing, Content and Professional Language Revision.

Specialization in the Pharmaceutical Industry, giving us the experience to understand specific needs of this market.