In order to coordinate and perform the different projects, Lapharcon offers a complete service portfolio. Each of these services may be used within any event depending on the type of Project and the specific needs of our clients:

Project Management

Assignment of a Project Manager who will be in charge of the overall coordination of the different Project phases, from pre-event details to the delivery of results at complete client satisfaction.

Content Management

Support for the development and/or review of scientific and academic contents for each of the events. From the agenda structure and objectives to the development of pre-work materials, slide decks, slide review sessions, topic guides and dynamics.

Moderation of sessions and generation of reports

Moderation of Academic sessions by an Expert in Group Management, and in the development of dynamics, as well as the service of a professional medical writer for notes taking, reports, and scientific materials.

Speakers and attendees

Search, invitation, confirmation, communication, and general coordination of speakers/attendees for different events. Lapharcon provides support throughout the whole process, facilitating the process by having a unique contact point for each physician.


Search, confirmation, and general management with Institutions for the development of Preceptorships, internships, or other academic activity requiring the participation of a third party.

Event Production (face-to-face/virtual)

Production of face-to-face or virtual events depending on our clients’ needs. Platforms programming, previous rehearsals, and the development of graphic materials are included in case of virtual sessions.

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